Friday, Jun 23, 2017

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The Imaginary Invalid (2011)

The Imaginary Invalid has a hell of a pedigree to live up to. The play, originally by Moliere, has been adapted for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this year by Oded Gross and Tracy Young, the same pair that adpated Goldoni’s Servant of Two Masters in 2009. Likewise the play is directed by Tracy Young, as in ’09. And as the director points out in the program notes, she has drawn heavily on her own expertise (once again) in commedia dell’arte to guide this production. With so many similarities, and with Servant being such a fond memory for this reviewer, the question becomes inescapable: is Invalid just as good?

To answer, I must crib from another ’09 production and “equivocate” just a bit (ha ha ho ho, I am a wit…): yes and no. Moliere’s original work has far more of a point to it than Goldoni’s does, and likewise this adaptation finds itself more grounded, perhaps more nuanced… which is a fine quality in and of itself but not exactly in sync with the farcical tone that permeates the show for most of its duration.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (2008)

Some very talented actors clearly invested a lot of themselves in this year’s production of “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.” Unfortunately, they did so in service to a bizarre production that managed to be both boring and gaudy, confusing yet otherwise unaffecting. Just a teeny bit of relevant editor’s background here: my reading tastes run to fantasy and science fiction and my theatrical tastes, while not fully formed yet, have been broad enough to enjoy “odd” productions like “Lorca in a Green Dress.” I bring this up only to say that it wasn’t impossible for me to enjoy this production; I just didn’t.