Friday, Jun 23, 2017

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Much Ado About Nothing (2009)

Photo by Jenny Graham

Photo by David Cooper

This year’s production of Much Ado About Nothing in the Elizabethan is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Primary thanks goes to the playwright (an up and comer by the name of W. Shakespeare) in this, one of his most accessible and easy-to-enjoy works. The Company of OSF, however, gives us a surprisingly uneven rendering that might have caused serious grief for a less-bulletproof text. Mustache-twirling, constant yelling… Hey, they can’t all be the best of the season, right?

Othello (2008)

This year our trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival began with Othello. My experience with the play only goes so far as a reading and a movie, so I was excited to have a company I’m fond of introduce me to the work.