Friday, Jun 23, 2017

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Troilus and Cressida

War is brutal and strange and Troilus & Cressida, one of Shakepeare’s later plays, is a triumph of layered drama. As with many of his so-called ‘problem plays’ there is a large amount of humor in the first acts, which makes for a dramatic contrast to the later ones in which there is nearly no humor at all.

Henry VIII (2009)

Photo by David Cooper

Photo by David Cooper

And now, I will begin this review in the most honest way possible: the only thing holding this production of Henry VIII back from being great is the text. It’s been 25 years since the last production of this play at OSF and now I know why. The premiere performance on Friday was full of excellent acting, creative staging, pageantry, spectacle… everything you hope for in seeing a play other than… er, the play.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2008)

If you’ve already seen one or six productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and you’re thinking that you can skip this year’s production at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival… wrong wrong-y wrong wrong. Assuming you can still get tickets, buy two: one to see the show, and one to sacrifice to Dionysus as an apology. There is so much good about this production that I have to start the kudos with Mark Rucker, a new director to the Festival. He is absolutely fearless in the chances he takes, embracing them rapturously rather than mincing them for fear of rejection.