Friday, Jun 23, 2017

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All’s Well That Ends Well (2009)

Photo by Jenny Graham

Photo by Jenny Graham

My default position towards All’s Well That Ends Well is “Eeeugh.” The play isn’t written for modern sensibilities, true, but I can’t help the disgust I feel towards the treatment of Helena and, worse, her willingness to shoulder the appalling burden that Bertram places upon her. When Diana is describing Bertram’s wooing (to Helena!) I just want to slug him.

The fact that I was crying at the Epilogue is thus a testament to the miracle I saw in the New Theatre today.

A View from the Bridge (2008)

Let me get this out of the way right now: A View From the Bridge is the best play I saw this year at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Yes, other plays were more defiant (I’m looking at you, Midsummer) or more “beautiful” (yes, there’s love for you too, Clay Cart). Hedda Gabler was more inventive, and The Comedy of Errors was, strictly speaking, more entertaining. But no, View knocked my socks off in a way that none of the others reached. It is fundamentally solid in all aspects, with outstanding acting in service of a fine play. The set is clever without being (ahem) a scene-stealer. The sound and lighting are fine if unremarkable. This is not a spectacle, this is above all things a story told by great storytellers.