Friday, Jun 23, 2017

Winchester Inn Restaurant

The Winchester Inn is one of our favorite dining places. The food is innovative, local, seasonal, and prepared with tremendous care. The wine list is superb, full of affordable greats as well as pie in the sky fabulousity, perfect for a range of events. If I were hosting a dinner party, this would be one of my first choices for a venue.

We started by sharing the Mini Wild Mushroom, Bacon, and Filet Mignon Wellingtons – moist chunks of tenderloin spread with mushroom duxelles and encased in a delicate pastry crust. Finished with a port wide reduction, cauliflower and baby pea pods, this is a delicious starter, one of my favorites.

Our second course was a soup/salad split for us. I had the Sweet Potato soup, finished with a homemade marshmallow cream and chives. I was nervous about the marshmallow part – fearing a gob of thick white substance, but my fears were unfounded. The cream was more like an oil, delicately sweet and redolent with real marshmallow flavor. It perfectly complimented the earthy richness of the creamy soup. Lovely.

My partner had the Chopped Caesar salad with homemade croutons. The flavors were bold and strong. There was just a hint of creaminess and he croutons were incredibly good. Strong flavor and good crunch, but not overly dry.

For my main I enjoyed the Wild Mushroom Canneloni. Thin folds of homemade semolina pasta wrapped around thinly sliced wild mushrooms finished in an aged Parmesan bechamel sauce. Incredibly rich, very delicious, perfectly done. Accompanied by a bit of beet (roasted perhaps) and more pea pods with pickled cucumber, this was another dish that straddled the ofttimes murky time between winter and spring dishes.

J. had the Pan Seared Chicken Breast, a succulent piece of breast, perfectly cooked so it was tender and juicy, with mashed potatoes and a garlic jus. Very refreshing, the garlic was tasty but not overpowering, and married well with the chicken’s natural flavor. There was a side of asparagus and those pickled cucumbers and they went well with the overall flavor profile.

I had the 2005 Cliff Creek Syrah and enjoyed the deep flavors of cherry and chocolate balanced by a hint of smokiness.

Another fabulous meal!