Friday, Jun 23, 2017

Ashland Springs Hotel

I’ve been visiting Ashland long enough that I remember when this was the Mark Anthony Hotel, as well as when it was closed for several years. It’s long been on my list of places to stay, seeming to be an elegant yet comfortable option. My primary concerns about any hotel are: a comfy bed, quiet at night, a good shower, and clean.

The bed is a bit mixed. The mattress is very comfortable – firm, yet not stiff. The pillows, however, are dreadful. There are a lot of them (six I think) but they are all very soft and flat. We asked the Front desk if they have firm pillows and they sent us a housekeeper with three new pillows, all flat and soft, but made of polyester/foam instead of feathers. SO missing the point. When was it that the hotels decided that a good night’s sleep means great mattresses and flat pillows? The sheets are cotton, the blanket down, and there is a lovely heavy cotton blanket providing the color and extra warmth if needed.This is a very quiet hotel – even though our room faced the street we were mostly unaware of any external noise. The occasional bus or other large vehicle intruded a bit, but not for long. And unless we had no neighbors (which I can’t believe) we couldn’t hear anything from adjoining rooms. Our neighbors upstairs were a bit creaky on the floor, but nothing too bad.

The bathroom has old-fashioned styling, with subway tiles and a fabric shower curtain. Products (the usual shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, and soap) are by Gilchrist & Soames and were lovely – I really liked the delicate floral scent which faded once my hair dried. The shower head is an oversized ‘dinner plate’ style, and there was good pressure and great heat. The showerhead is placed pretty low, however, approximately 5 feet up. This made it pretty awkward for my 6′ sweetie.

Finally, it was very clean. It didn’t smell like anything at all, which I (a smell sensitive person) appreciated muchly.

The room, in fact the entire hotel, has a bird theme. Very sweet and charming. We were gifted with a lavender bath sachet, which I will take home to enjoy in a real tub (the one here is very shallow). On the downside, however, this was a very small room (#224). There are some shelves in the closet, but they are difficult to get to because of the full ironing board and iron hung on the inside of the door. One chair in the corner by the window had no reading light near it., and wasn’t positioned to be able to watch TV. To do that, we needed to sit on the bed, and here is where the bad pillows played a larger role: if I hadn’t brought my own pillow from home, we would not have been at all comfortable sitting up in bed – there was just no support for the back!

A continental breakfast is included in the rate, and includes coffee/tea, oatmeal, toast, and a few pastries. No fruit or yogurt, or even fruit juice.

This is a nice place, but I do think you can stay at a B&B with a full breakfast and similar amenities for the same price, or less.